Please & Thank you

Published 20/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

My morning so far has gotten me thinking. After the usual school runs myself & Lexie went to our local tesco express to pick up a few bits for dinner tonight.

It was very busy, only one person serving customers, I was fourth in the queue.
The elderly man in front of me (3rd) decided to use the

self scanning machine

So off he toddled.

As I got to the front of the queue I placed my basket onto the counter and the lady serving proceeded to scan my items. As she was doing this Lexie as usual was fixing the chewing gum in order under the counter

don’t you think it’s funny how children always seem to do that lol

The elderly man suddenly appeared besides me with his paper & his milk and said

I can’t get it to scan

So I said would you like me to help whilst the lady is doing my shopping. He without hesitation handed me his milk and paper and I walked along and scanned his items (the paper was slightly folded hence it not scanning for him). Then he was fumbling with his change so I helped him sort that, packed his bag,got his change and walked back to pay for my shopping (and collect my chewing gum sorter daughter).

And this is when the elderly man turned and said to me

you could of just let me back in the queue


He then turned and walked away. I was stunned. I just think that we, as parents instill the p’s and q’s from such a very young age even when perhaps our kids can’t even speak a sentance that they as the older generation wish to have respect they should maybe consider a thank you is all that’s needed.

It drives me insane as a parent of four I’ve always always instilled in my children to help elderly people if they see/need it. But this just makes me so angry.

Not even a simple thank you.


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