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My baby starts preschool!

Published 09/01/2014 by RiceysWifey

Today was the last time I’ll ever have to take one of my children for their “first day at preschool”!

If you’ve noticed I’ve been pretty worried and stupidly working myself up since Christmas!

I had a meeting shortly before Lexie was due to start so that took my mind of it. Then got her dressed (first pic) out the door and off we went!

Got there walked in the teacher “mrs peters” has already taught both our boys a few years ago so we know her and she knows our family which is nice. In fact when nick was at preschool I was pregnant with Lexie so she’s seen Lexie almost every week of her life. She spoke to Lexie and handed her a name tag, this name tag has Lexie printed on it along with a Ladder (obviously phonic based) then mrs peters pointed to the self register board and the letter L and proceeded to ask Lexie to put her own name on the letter! They do this every single day when they go to school and before they leave they remove it and put it back in the pot.

We then wandered to the scissors to do some cutting, Lexie’s eyes bright with excitement that was when I knew “were ok this will be ok” mrs peters handed me a piece of paper and whispered “mobile number then leave and come back in a hour”

I did what I was told.

Whilst walking away through the school I thought omg I’ve left my last baby at school I have to say I was heartbroken. I sat In the car for twenty mins… Worrying checking my phone… Then thought “bugger I need a wee” dam my weak bladder lol rushed home went for a wee , checked phone no calls….

I went back a hour later to find my beautiful poppet extremely engrossed in the computer and happily chatting away to other children.

The right photo is the sheer glee caught on her face. She is now a big girl going to big girl school.

Me…I’m still heartbroken but so very very proud πŸ˜‰



Please & Thank you

Published 20/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

My morning so far has gotten me thinking. After the usual school runs myself & Lexie went to our local tesco express to pick up a few bits for dinner tonight.

It was very busy, only one person serving customers, I was fourth in the queue.
The elderly man in front of me (3rd) decided to use the

self scanning machine

So off he toddled.

As I got to the front of the queue I placed my basket onto the counter and the lady serving proceeded to scan my items. As she was doing this Lexie as usual was fixing the chewing gum in order under the counter

don’t you think it’s funny how children always seem to do that lol

The elderly man suddenly appeared besides me with his paper & his milk and said

I can’t get it to scan

So I said would you like me to help whilst the lady is doing my shopping. He without hesitation handed me his milk and paper and I walked along and scanned his items (the paper was slightly folded hence it not scanning for him). Then he was fumbling with his change so I helped him sort that, packed his bag,got his change and walked back to pay for my shopping (and collect my chewing gum sorter daughter).

And this is when the elderly man turned and said to me

you could of just let me back in the queue


He then turned and walked away. I was stunned. I just think that we, as parents instill the p’s and q’s from such a very young age even when perhaps our kids can’t even speak a sentance that they as the older generation wish to have respect they should maybe consider a thank you is all that’s needed.

It drives me insane as a parent of four I’ve always always instilled in my children to help elderly people if they see/need it. But this just makes me so angry.

Not even a simple thank you.

My little rant

Published 14/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Ok so…. I have four kids, I’ve been a SAHM for seven nearly right years. I don’t HAVE to work. I’m lucky, I get that.

BUT and yes it’s a big but… When people who have NO children at home, all full time at school mums declare their *not ready* to work it pisses me off. They’ve never worked or actively sought work or even tried to better themselves I just think

what are you actually doing!!!!!

When Lexie is full time, which will be October 2015, I shall be seeking full time work.

for ME

I’m hoping next September I shall be starting a college course or two to be able to replenish the qualifications I already hold, I may even start one January 2014, then respective employers will be able to see I’m at least preparing myself to enter the work place again after a break to bring my young family up.

Whilst I totally appreciate single parents, both men & women have it tougher. Childcare issues, our current government pays 70% of childrens childcare!! I’ve been a single parent.

Til I was seven months pregnant I worked full time shift work on a shitty recycling plant, literally picking through people’s household rubbish. Awful job, no job satisfaction in itself, other than…. I EARNED my money!

Once my eldest was 18mth old I went back to work in a cab office, my mum used to pick her up from school, as did taxi drivers and bought her to me at work. Not ideal I know BUT I EARNED it!

To think my husband looses near on a thousand pounds a month in TAX that pays for these people to simply be allowed *not to be ready to work*


And that….. Is my rant for today!

Twitter DM’s

Published 13/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

So today… A lad DM’s me on twitter. Saying

hey thanks for the follow I’m from the USA just a friendly hello

so me being me replies ….

Hi, hello from the UK πŸ˜‰


His reply is beyond belief!!!

don’t laugh but I’m a adult film. Star and have a huge c**k do you like sucking c**k

My reply

well seeing as I’m probably old enough to be your mother I suggest you take your *huge c**k* and go play with it because speaking to women like that will get you no where!

Then promptly blocked him.

I mean he’s no one, probably a little old man with nothing but twitter in his life! But sheeeeesh what would their mothers say. I’m say laughing but sitting here n thinking why just why

It’s not acceptable, it’s not funny and it’s NOT gonna get you a girlfriend!!

Bullying…. Or not?

Published 12/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

It’s a question I’ve often asked myself where my children are concerned. You see when I was at school, there didn’t seem to be *bullies*, there was just the “hard girls/boys”. I admittedly was a “hard girl or so they all thought. I mean I could hold my own… I had a older brother, so naturally I had to fight him.. And win!

So when it comes to my children I’m
Never sure if it is bullying or just “normal” children’s behaviour.

Today I had a call from another mum at the school. My eldest boys school. I’ve known this mum for roughly eight years, our daughters are the same age, their in fact in the same tutor group in year 11. She informed me her son had been given Β£2.00 by my son and didn’t know why(?). At this particular time I was stood in the middle of a freezing cold field, watching my eldest son doing his cross country race that he represents his school for. So I told her I would chat to Him and see what he said then call her back later on. She was fine, just wanted answers, as did I.

After the run, we were in traffic and I approached the subject in a non threatening way. By threatening I mean

I have to keep this calm
Or he is going to think he’s being told of

way. So I simply said… Have either (I had both my boys with me) off you been in your piggy banks recently… My youngest son announced

yes!!! This morning I counted do it and so did he

pointing at his brother. So I waited a response and what I got was a bit, well, where I got this blog from.

yes I did I took Β£2.10 I thought it was Β£3.00 but it wasn’t then I have it to the boy at school for his Nan’s ball but it wasn’t enough he told me Β£5.00 so I have to bring more into school tomorrow but he did give me some cards

then took a HUGE deep breath, almost like a huge relief he had told me.

Now this is my dilema, why is some boy wanting money from my son? Why hasn’t my son told me this previously? Has my son given him more than Β£2.10? And definitely

I’m gonna flip if my sons being bullied!!!

After a few mins of my processing and gaining composure. I ask all the above questions. When we arrive home, I’m calm and satisfied I’ve reassured my boy he’s not in trouble (apart from sneaking his money) and I phone the other mum back.

Her instinct when I tell her what my son has said was

I’m gonna kill him
He’s a bully oh I’m
So sorry I’ll sort him

I leave it at that. Then 7pm
Comes and bang bang bang on my front door!!! It’s the dad, and the son. Oh great here we go!

After nearly a hour of battling it out! Admissions of maybe bullying were said, apologises made. Hand shake done. And finished.

I wonder if it really was bullying or mis understood intentions? Or just kids being kids?

All I do know is IF it’s repeated, I will have to be less diplomatic, bullies shouldn’t be tolerated, and I for one of the “hard girls” want my kids to be able to stand up and say No this is wrong, I deserve respect and to be treated right! And I shall endeavour to instill the same quality that they treat others the way they want to be treated.

Jessie J

Published 12/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Had a text from a friend, do you want to come and see Jessie J … Urm YES! Three hours later in a car on way to bournemouth Bic.






All I have to say is Christ that girl can sing, she works hard for her money 1 hour 40 mins SOLID.

We also saw Olivia somerlyn an American young girl on her first supporting tour of the UK. She was good, a bit cakey and Disney style but OK.

Then we saw Lawson…. Who are fantastic… Will definitely want to go to one of their tours next year!

Starting pre-school!

Published 12/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Hmm well it’s just occured to me that my youngest, Lexie, will be starting preschool in roughly 7weeks time. She will celebrate her third birthday on New Year’s Eve (31st December) and start pre school on 6th January 2014.

My eldest daughter Kayleigh, didn’t start pre school until she was nearly four. My boys however things were very different.

I had Callum in 2006 and Nick just over a year later in 2007. I struggled. A lot. I found it incredibly difficult to manage both their needs at the same time. Was almost like age gap twins. Never had any time to myself or with my elder daughter. So when nick was six months old and Callum 18months old. We, chris and I, took the decision to find a private nursery and pay for the boys to go three mornings a week, 8-1pm so I could not only rest, but get the house back to some kind of normality. It was a mess. Couldn’t keep up with washing, cleaning, everything was so behind… I was ashamed of my house. Also at this point in time I never had any friends. I didn’t want anyone to come to the house because of the state of it. I knew two people and that’s it. The boys settled well and I started to attempt sorting the house… A mammoth task. When nick turned 2 both boys started at the same preschool who room children from 2 years old. I had to pay again for nick but Callum was entitled to his 15 hours a week government funded hours. From there they both gradually transfered into a lovely little *outstanding ofsted* school called pen mill infant and nursery school. Which has since changed to academy status.

This is where Lexie will start her journey. She’s overly excited. Keeps telling me when she’s three she will go to Nicks school. ( Callum has now progressed to junior school In a different setting) lucky for me it’s straight opposite pen mill, so school runs, at the moment even though are at three different schools, are all within a short distance so timings are ok!

I have several friends who have recently asked why I haven’t put Lexie in early, like I did with the boys. Well the simple answer is… I have no need to, I can cope now, I have a clean and tidy house and mentally I’m OK. Well apart from the obvious fibromyalgia chronic fatigue everyday. I have my routines firmly in place and everyone in my family sticks to my routines. That’s why she’s home with me…. Because

I’m OK!

However I shall miss her so very very much daily.


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