Published 04/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Went out for Halloween,

Danced, laughed did some stupid things (like licking a friends husbands face) now whilst I’m ashamed of this…. He let me AND he was SOBER I’m not sure which I’m more mortified at!

Got drunk.

End of story.

Pictures below!







Less tolerant.

Published 04/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

I’m poorly

I don’t feel very well

I’ve got a cold

my head hurts

If I hear these from people I am very intolerant of this since having fibro.

I just want to shout out

man the fuck up

I do this


I hurt


And you are moaning about a fucking cold.

Piss off!

Hmmm just hmmm

Published 04/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Hmmm is how I’ve been feeling lately! Been endless stresses in my life, and other peoples which have intruded into mine. Not that I mind that of course otherwise as usual they would have got the simple answer of fuck off which they didn’t so it’s ok.

My fibro is giving me a battering at the moment. I hate it with such vengeance. Just one day of waking up with no pain even if just for the first hour would be enough. but I seem to be using all my spoons getting down the stairs these days. It’s autumn, which means winter is on it’s way. I don’t like winter. I don’t like cold. In fact for me being a

winter baby

I should be doing ok during the darker months. In fact fibro makes them so very VERY much darker in my world.

This in turn means chris does more. I only leave the house if I absolutely have to do so. So the basic school runs. Then home. I don’t generally do social visits anyways so that’s no loss. Shopping chris takes over completely, even to the point when I can’t even write a bloody shopping list because my hands simply won’t work. If I can at least stay warm inside the housework will be done and he doesn’t have to help with that on top of everything else. I guess that’s somewhat of a bonus if nothing else.


Published 20/09/2013 by RiceysWifey

Every year a group of girls, who are my friends all go away for a girlie weekend, this weekend usually involves , food, drink , dancing , sleep, chatting and repeat aforesaid!

We went to minehead, took around 2 hours in total but that included a stop at sams to swap vehicles, as 5 women plus luggage and shopping in my Audi a3 may not of worked lol!

We upgraded to gold apartment this year we usually only go standard, which is about a fifteen min walk to the entertainment. We were sooo impressed we had a teeny three min stumble .. Ops I mean walk back to our rooms! The apartments themselves although basic still were lovely decorated and had everything we needed.

On the Friday night we all had vest tops made up with our nicknames on them! We do this every time we go as a reminder of the friendships and stories that go with our nicknames… There’s a lot.


After this was taken we were drunk… In fact one girl was escorted back to her room and subsequently spent the following 12 hours throwing up! Moral of this story…. Don’t drink with barely any food in your system… Lesson learnt lol!

The Saturday daytime literally consisted of Michelle cooking a fry up for myself herself Sam and Alex who were all in one apartment…. We ALL needed it. Followed by some girlie chatting and snuggling up like a pj party and all of us having a nap! However… Before we went for a nap we put jacket potatoes in the oven so when we awoke we could all eat before preparing for night two (night two was special … It meant we could see chesney hawkes!) however I woke at 7.45pm and started making salad to accompany said jacket potatoes…. All prepared… Then whoooops SAM had only put the grill on NoT the oven…. So microwave to he rescue! Food was lovely along with the hysterical laughter …. It’s a long known thing Sam does NOT cook…. We have now all witnessed why!

Here’s some photos of the Saturday night …









We all got back to our rooms at 4am with a Burger King , swollen feet and even me with a wet arse! What a weekend think I’m still recovering now!

So…. When do I book the next one! ASAP


Published 01/09/2013 by RiceysWifey

Last year my friend bought me some heated rollers for my hair, something I’ve wanted to try for AGES! Well today having some mummy time alone I thought bugger it lets have a go!

So grabbed my iPhone and googled and came across a you tube channel called ” it’s judy time” heated hair rollers… So here we go…





And after ….


VERY pleased with the results!!! πŸ˜‰

Bank holiday Monday

Published 26/08/2013 by RiceysWifey

Today is bank holiday Monday, and also the start of the last week if the kids school holidays. We decided to make the most of it and head out for the day.

We chose animal farm adventure park in burnham on sea, very close to Weston-super-mare and Brean. All well known holiday places in North Somerset.

The journey takes around a hour for us living in south somerset so easily done. Also on their Facebook page they had a special offer which entitled us to pay only Β£5 per person, under 2’s free. So a cheap day all in all.

They had animals including horses,goats,rabbits,pigs,reptiles,alpacas,llamas. All of which could be fed by purchasing animal feed at the desk when entering at a cost of Β£1.30 per bag. we chose not to do this as Lexie is still quite young and this was her first big experience of petting animals.








They also had several play areas, such as a fort themed play area, a mining for gold area (which was pretty rubbish), trampolines,go karts,ride on tractors,bouncy castle and a huge indoor barn play centre all within close proximity. Along with a zip wire … Which the kids enjoyed , despite the look on Nicks face !







The also have several *special guests* who appear everyday during the summer holidays … Today’s special guests were Ben & Holly from Ben and Holly’s little kingdom children’s television programme.



Lexie was absolutely mesmerised by actually seeing them for real!

All in all a fab few hours out, not a full day but a good four hours!


Published 19/08/2013 by RiceysWifey

This little girl is my youngest child. During her pregnancy I knew something was wrong… Not with her but with me. I was bed bound from around 14weekd resulting in my hubby having to stay home and be my carer til the pregnancy ended. A year after she was born and I’d been back and forth to several doctors/consultants I was formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t of had this little piece of perfection with me everyday 24/7 i probably wouldn’t still be here. My other 3 children are all of school age so therefore for much of the time i would be on my own , too much time to think, sometimes to much pain to cope with, depression like no other and no words to explain how I feel. Lexie is due to start preschool a couple of hours a day starting January 2014, I’m dreading it knowing the little girl who keeps me going on a daily basis won’t be here to MAKE me keep going. But for now ill enjoy her (and obviously my other children whom I too adore and are also natural born perfection) and ill deal with her per schooling when we get there.


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