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My little rant

Published 14/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Ok so…. I have four kids, I’ve been a SAHM for seven nearly right years. I don’t HAVE to work. I’m lucky, I get that.

BUT and yes it’s a big but… When people who have NO children at home, all full time at school mums declare their *not ready* to work it pisses me off. They’ve never worked or actively sought work or even tried to better themselves I just think

what are you actually doing!!!!!

When Lexie is full time, which will be October 2015, I shall be seeking full time work.

for ME

I’m hoping next September I shall be starting a college course or two to be able to replenish the qualifications I already hold, I may even start one January 2014, then respective employers will be able to see I’m at least preparing myself to enter the work place again after a break to bring my young family up.

Whilst I totally appreciate single parents, both men & women have it tougher. Childcare issues, our current government pays 70% of childrens childcare!! I’ve been a single parent.

Til I was seven months pregnant I worked full time shift work on a shitty recycling plant, literally picking through people’s household rubbish. Awful job, no job satisfaction in itself, other than…. I EARNED my money!

Once my eldest was 18mth old I went back to work in a cab office, my mum used to pick her up from school, as did taxi drivers and bought her to me at work. Not ideal I know BUT I EARNED it!

To think my husband looses near on a thousand pounds a month in TAX that pays for these people to simply be allowed *not to be ready to work*


And that….. Is my rant for today!


Starting pre-school!

Published 12/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Hmm well it’s just occured to me that my youngest, Lexie, will be starting preschool in roughly 7weeks time. She will celebrate her third birthday on New Year’s Eve (31st December) and start pre school on 6th January 2014.

My eldest daughter Kayleigh, didn’t start pre school until she was nearly four. My boys however things were very different.

I had Callum in 2006 and Nick just over a year later in 2007. I struggled. A lot. I found it incredibly difficult to manage both their needs at the same time. Was almost like age gap twins. Never had any time to myself or with my elder daughter. So when nick was six months old and Callum 18months old. We, chris and I, took the decision to find a private nursery and pay for the boys to go three mornings a week, 8-1pm so I could not only rest, but get the house back to some kind of normality. It was a mess. Couldn’t keep up with washing, cleaning, everything was so behind… I was ashamed of my house. Also at this point in time I never had any friends. I didn’t want anyone to come to the house because of the state of it. I knew two people and that’s it. The boys settled well and I started to attempt sorting the house… A mammoth task. When nick turned 2 both boys started at the same preschool who room children from 2 years old. I had to pay again for nick but Callum was entitled to his 15 hours a week government funded hours. From there they both gradually transfered into a lovely little *outstanding ofsted* school called pen mill infant and nursery school. Which has since changed to academy status.

This is where Lexie will start her journey. She’s overly excited. Keeps telling me when she’s three she will go to Nicks school. ( Callum has now progressed to junior school In a different setting) lucky for me it’s straight opposite pen mill, so school runs, at the moment even though are at three different schools, are all within a short distance so timings are ok!

I have several friends who have recently asked why I haven’t put Lexie in early, like I did with the boys. Well the simple answer is… I have no need to, I can cope now, I have a clean and tidy house and mentally I’m OK. Well apart from the obvious fibromyalgia chronic fatigue everyday. I have my routines firmly in place and everyone in my family sticks to my routines. That’s why she’s home with me…. Because

I’m OK!

However I shall miss her so very very much daily.


Kids say the funniest things

Published 01/04/2013 by RiceysWifey

So firstly I’d like to say I’m going to swear in this post, not because I want to but because I need to. To he able to relive and share the story. So here goes….

On Thursday afternoon my children broke up for the Easter holidays, Lexie & Nick were in the bath being supervised by our eldest daughter Kayleigh. chris were sat down stairs having a chat with Callum. Suddenly the conversation turns into something completely out the ordinary it went like this….

Callum : Mum what’s a chin wanker?

Me : Pardon (did I hear him right)

Callum : we sang this song and mrs house the head teacher said chin wanker

Me : Are you sure?

Callum : yeah in hymn practise, why are they putting swear words into a song mum? I know wanker Is a swear word.

Me : I’m sure mrs house didn’t say that, however I shall ask her when we go back to school.

End off conversation.

Chris was sat waiting for me to start laughing, I’d held it together for quite a while. Anyways I then updated my Facebook status saying the conversation as I was really intrigued what song he was singing and why on earth he would think he had to sing chin wanker 😳

So after holding it together the laughter came, followed by actual tears when writing the conversation onto my status. So a few friends commented and suddenly claire a friend asked for any other words etc so I asked Callum. He said cheeks and nose mum. I told Claire and she realised what he meant. The song goes like this….

What have we here?
This is my chin WAGGER
My teacher dear
Main thinker, eye blinker
Smell boxer, chin WAGGER
Nicky nacky Nocky no
That’s what they taught me
When I went to school.

So …. Chin WAGGER!!!!! Pretty simple really. Obviously way more amusing when actually listening to the conversation but worth sharing these little things.

My eldest daughter couldn’t pronounce WATER and it was always said fucker. Whilst on holiday my daughter , who at the time was 2years old run after my dad shouting fucker fucker…. Obviously WE knew she meant water but the amount if people either mortified or hysterically laughing was immense. I did explain to several family’s around us what she was saying. A majority of them all had a story of similar words being pronounced wrong or their kids picking up words they shouldn’t use. Simple things like when you drop something and say oh shit a few mins later the child in your presence repeats it is the moment you’ll never forget.

Treasured moments, even if they are wrong on so many levels πŸ˜‰

Spider in the house!!

Published 26/03/2013 by RiceysWifey

So on Friday I decided to get all the washed washing in from the utility room go through it all pile it up and ditch all the wrong aged stuff! As the kids are growing I’m finding their legs are getting longer and constantly going up a size. Myself and the four kids,who decided to help brought PILES of clothes into the living room and put all on the floor. We checked every piece of clothing folded neatly and piled up. Didn’t take as long as I expected, but there was a LOT to be thrown away. I say thrown away off course I mean to the recycling plant clothing bins.

The children took their piles up to their rooms and put them all away. As did I including boring towels etc…. Washing is the Bain of my life… I hate it! In fact if I were a billionaire someone would do everything washing / clothing related for me lol!

After all this myself Callum (6) Nick (5) and Lexie (2) plonked ourselves I. The front room to start watching a family DVD. As we did this Callum was on the floor and *Poked* what he thought was sock fluff … Quite clearly from the big Girly SCREAM he let out followed by the launch full force onto the sofa next to me…. It wasn’t!

Sure enough I look down to see this monsterous creature…. ARGH spider!!!! Now I note the word monsterous MAY be a slight exaggeration .. BUT I do not like spiders… Or any thing remotely like them … In fact creepy crawly little things nope no nada definitely NOT my thing!

Nick is normally my spider killer… Quite happy to stamp poke prod move any creature *mummy doesn’t like*. But this spider was too big for him …. In his words *hmmm think that’s too big for me mummy even with a shoe*. Meanwhile blissfully sat inches away on her peppa pig car staring at said spider Lexie cherps up *Pider mummy* … My reply yes Lexie Pider (in my head screaming it but outwardly calm VERY calm)

I shout to Kayleigh, who at this point is upstairs … She comes down I pointed on the floor… She screams! I say once again calmly (without moving from sofa on case it scurrys away… Eurgh *shudders*) I need something big that I can drop on it …. She runs off frantically and comes back with a piece of wood… Which was the lid of a toy box. She passes it to me… I lean forward … BANG.., ok the lids on top of the spider… There’s no way it’s alive right??

The boys launch themselves on top of the wood and jump up and down to squish it. Nick my brave boy picks it up inspects the dead spider …. YEP he exclaims its dead hand me done baby wipes…. He demanded! So Callum passed them to him and he cleaned up the remains of the spider and disposed on the outside bin!

I can’t help thinking of the film charlottes web which ALL of us absolutely love …. If only real spiders spoke … It would probably take my immense fear of them away


Mothers Day

Published 10/03/2013 by RiceysWifey

I woke this morning to hear lots of whispering, then five sets of feet quietly (or not so) coming up the stairs…. It’s Mother’s Day…






All of the above are from my eldest son Callum.





The above all from my youngest son Nick.




From my eldest daughter Kayleigh.




And lastly my wonderful hubby chris

You see they made everything for me… And in my eyes it takes ten mins to go to the shop and buy some lame cards which actually don’t say anything that means anything. Where as a couple of hours making something and putting the effort into it means a millions times more to me.

Following the card presentations and kisses and cuddles… They all left me to get up & dressed. Came downstairs to a lovely cuppa tea & right now hubby is cooking me my fave sausage sandwhich yummy!!!

I always say… If I can be HALF the mum, my mum is to me, then I’m doing ok!! I hope ill always achieve this.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums and dads who are both parents πŸ˜‰

What or who keeps me sane on a bad day

Published 08/03/2013 by RiceysWifey

My youngest child Lexie aka Poppet is the simple answer! Today is a bad day, feeling poorly, fibro and chronic fatigue hitting me hard ;/ but as you can see this little girl keeps me going when I’m alone n feeling crappy.


Her first dress up outfit! Tinkerbell. For me personally I hate the whole princess thing with little girls, so does my husband, so we go for fairys instead! …. Altho recently a film came out called Brave, in this film there is a princess called Merrida, but unlike all the nkrmal princesses she’s blatantly a tomboy princess. So we like her!

Lexie’s been happy bumbling around stripping of …. I look across the room and she’s wearing her DOLLS vest! Which was originally Lexie’s first newborn outfit which she first wore around the age of 3months as she was teeny!


As you can see its way to small now lol! She was at the time attempting to put her 6year old brothers t shirt on as well! Such a fashion icon is my poppet! Then we moved onto the cupboard…. Containing nappies … Wonderful!


Then cuddles and stupid faces with mummy!! πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•


So you see… Even when it’s a bad day … How can I possibly not want to be around this beautiful little girl, who in her innocence has NO idea what she does for me on a daily basis when no one else is around.


Published 24/02/2013 by RiceysWifey

Ok…. Poo… What is it with boys and the word poo, or even fart! It’s all we ever hear at the moment their actually obsessed by the words!


Nick; fart face
Callum : don’t call me fart face poo head
Nick: I’m not a poo head

Both in fits of giggles at this point! I’m just sat shaking my head! Is this normal for boys? I only have a older girl but I honestly don’t remember her being so revolting! It’s not just a one of *poo head* comment it’s a back & forth argument with laughter thrown in! We tell them constantly *dont say that it’s rude* they just look at us blankly like we’re aliens or something.

It’s only when one/both get sent to their rooms that it stops…. For five mins anyways!

Boys are discusting!

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