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Bullying…. Or not?

Published 12/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

It’s a question I’ve often asked myself where my children are concerned. You see when I was at school, there didn’t seem to be *bullies*, there was just the “hard girls/boys”. I admittedly was a “hard girl or so they all thought. I mean I could hold my own… I had a older brother, so naturally I had to fight him.. And win!

So when it comes to my children I’m
Never sure if it is bullying or just “normal” children’s behaviour.

Today I had a call from another mum at the school. My eldest boys school. I’ve known this mum for roughly eight years, our daughters are the same age, their in fact in the same tutor group in year 11. She informed me her son had been given £2.00 by my son and didn’t know why(?). At this particular time I was stood in the middle of a freezing cold field, watching my eldest son doing his cross country race that he represents his school for. So I told her I would chat to Him and see what he said then call her back later on. She was fine, just wanted answers, as did I.

After the run, we were in traffic and I approached the subject in a non threatening way. By threatening I mean

I have to keep this calm
Or he is going to think he’s being told of

way. So I simply said… Have either (I had both my boys with me) off you been in your piggy banks recently… My youngest son announced

yes!!! This morning I counted do it and so did he

pointing at his brother. So I waited a response and what I got was a bit, well, where I got this blog from.

yes I did I took £2.10 I thought it was £3.00 but it wasn’t then I have it to the boy at school for his Nan’s ball but it wasn’t enough he told me £5.00 so I have to bring more into school tomorrow but he did give me some cards

then took a HUGE deep breath, almost like a huge relief he had told me.

Now this is my dilema, why is some boy wanting money from my son? Why hasn’t my son told me this previously? Has my son given him more than £2.10? And definitely

I’m gonna flip if my sons being bullied!!!

After a few mins of my processing and gaining composure. I ask all the above questions. When we arrive home, I’m calm and satisfied I’ve reassured my boy he’s not in trouble (apart from sneaking his money) and I phone the other mum back.

Her instinct when I tell her what my son has said was

I’m gonna kill him
He’s a bully oh I’m
So sorry I’ll sort him

I leave it at that. Then 7pm
Comes and bang bang bang on my front door!!! It’s the dad, and the son. Oh great here we go!

After nearly a hour of battling it out! Admissions of maybe bullying were said, apologises made. Hand shake done. And finished.

I wonder if it really was bullying or mis understood intentions? Or just kids being kids?

All I do know is IF it’s repeated, I will have to be less diplomatic, bullies shouldn’t be tolerated, and I for one of the “hard girls” want my kids to be able to stand up and say No this is wrong, I deserve respect and to be treated right! And I shall endeavour to instill the same quality that they treat others the way they want to be treated.


Published 24/02/2013 by RiceysWifey

Ok…. Poo… What is it with boys and the word poo, or even fart! It’s all we ever hear at the moment their actually obsessed by the words!


Nick; fart face
Callum : don’t call me fart face poo head
Nick: I’m not a poo head

Both in fits of giggles at this point! I’m just sat shaking my head! Is this normal for boys? I only have a older girl but I honestly don’t remember her being so revolting! It’s not just a one of *poo head* comment it’s a back & forth argument with laughter thrown in! We tell them constantly *dont say that it’s rude* they just look at us blankly like we’re aliens or something.

It’s only when one/both get sent to their rooms that it stops…. For five mins anyways!

Boys are discusting!

Just been…

Published 21/02/2013 by RiceysWifey

Ive just been looking online, you know actually at my macbook, not my phone, flicking through wordpress at all sorts of different blogs. Not for inspiration but to have a check that im doing what i *should* be doing. I know theres no actually way you should blog, i mean its mine, its about me me me! But i just thought if i could see what others are doing then id get validation that mines *ok*.

I came across a blog thats written by a mother somewhere in the same country as me and i actually LOL’d at her blog. It was amusing to see that she, like me didnt really care about what people thought of her ramblings about her life, her thoughts, i realised that this world of blogging is literally for me using her quote ” a mid life crisis diary”.

Its just put into perspective that i am Marie but im also a wife to chris, a mum to kayleigh callum nick and lexie, but most of all i am ME.

I may seem to blog alot compared to others, who chuck a blog out every few days, weekly or even monthly. Which is something i chatted (via text) to hubby about earlier. He only blogs when something to do with his cycling, or the way he puts it flab loss happens etc. But for me my day is filled with chores, kids, clubs, house, car and thats it. I know it seems alot but i get bored, not of what i have to do but i just NEED something to occupy my mind. I dont, and doubt ill ever be able to work full time, possibly even part time again so this is probably it. Im very very lucky in the fact my husband can support all off us on his income so i dont NEED to work but i NEEDED something and i think, quite possibly ive found it.

so anyways thank you to that blogger, for that blog, i am following you now and hope to LOL again soon.

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