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My little rant

Published 14/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Ok so…. I have four kids, I’ve been a SAHM for seven nearly right years. I don’t HAVE to work. I’m lucky, I get that.

BUT and yes it’s a big but… When people who have NO children at home, all full time at school mums declare their *not ready* to work it pisses me off. They’ve never worked or actively sought work or even tried to better themselves I just think

what are you actually doing!!!!!

When Lexie is full time, which will be October 2015, I shall be seeking full time work.

for ME

I’m hoping next September I shall be starting a college course or two to be able to replenish the qualifications I already hold, I may even start one January 2014, then respective employers will be able to see I’m at least preparing myself to enter the work place again after a break to bring my young family up.

Whilst I totally appreciate single parents, both men & women have it tougher. Childcare issues, our current government pays 70% of childrens childcare!! I’ve been a single parent.

Til I was seven months pregnant I worked full time shift work on a shitty recycling plant, literally picking through people’s household rubbish. Awful job, no job satisfaction in itself, other than…. I EARNED my money!

Once my eldest was 18mth old I went back to work in a cab office, my mum used to pick her up from school, as did taxi drivers and bought her to me at work. Not ideal I know BUT I EARNED it!

To think my husband looses near on a thousand pounds a month in TAX that pays for these people to simply be allowed *not to be ready to work*


And that….. Is my rant for today!

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