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My little rant

Published 14/11/2013 by RiceysWifey

Ok so…. I have four kids, I’ve been a SAHM for seven nearly right years. I don’t HAVE to work. I’m lucky, I get that.

BUT and yes it’s a big but… When people who have NO children at home, all full time at school mums declare their *not ready* to work it pisses me off. They’ve never worked or actively sought work or even tried to better themselves I just think

what are you actually doing!!!!!

When Lexie is full time, which will be October 2015, I shall be seeking full time work.

for ME

I’m hoping next September I shall be starting a college course or two to be able to replenish the qualifications I already hold, I may even start one January 2014, then respective employers will be able to see I’m at least preparing myself to enter the work place again after a break to bring my young family up.

Whilst I totally appreciate single parents, both men & women have it tougher. Childcare issues, our current government pays 70% of childrens childcare!! I’ve been a single parent.

Til I was seven months pregnant I worked full time shift work on a shitty recycling plant, literally picking through people’s household rubbish. Awful job, no job satisfaction in itself, other than…. I EARNED my money!

Once my eldest was 18mth old I went back to work in a cab office, my mum used to pick her up from school, as did taxi drivers and bought her to me at work. Not ideal I know BUT I EARNED it!

To think my husband looses near on a thousand pounds a month in TAX that pays for these people to simply be allowed *not to be ready to work*


And that….. Is my rant for today!


Exciting times ahead

Published 26/02/2013 by RiceysWifey

Over the past three days I’ve suddenly found the desire to TRY to go to work. I say try for a number of reasons.

1. I’ve not worked in 8years within a work environment, I mean I was a Ann summers representative but that was on a self employed basis. Party planning. I was very successful at it as well, but it ended up very much intruding in my private life. Being pregnant and having two other children already and hubby working shifts it became harder and harder to fit party planning around our busy home life.

2. I still have Lexie at home full time, and due to several bad experiences with my boys in nursery I’m somewhat reluctant to put Lexie into a nursery.

3. Chris still works shift work so figuring out kids school picks ups etc might be a challenge.

4. I have fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue.

So with the main four issues I gave regarding seeking full time work it seemed rather impossible. BUT (here’s the exciting bit) whilst flicking through job classifieds on my phone I came across a job that I had done previous to Having the three younger children. Mobile care assistant. “Apply on your phone” so what do I do (without addressing the above concerns) yep that’s right…. Click… And there it was… All my stored details, work experience and contact details …. Click again to apply…. CLICK! I thought nothing more of it didn’t even chat to chris about it, didn’t think I’d even get any kind of response.

So checked my emails this morning and BOOM a reply , I mean WHAT!!!! I panic and close the email “deal with that later”. I go off to a friends house go out to lunch with her and three of her girls along with Lexie. Lovely lunch date with a friend. Come home as I’m early for school run to pick the older kids up. Walk through the door, house phones ringing…. I answer … “Hello it’s Wendy from care south, have you got time for a chat regarding your application” somewhat dumbfounded I reply “yes sure” the conversation goes very well , I explain my above concerns she is very accommodating about my fibromyalgia and was aware of the condition. Which has put me at ease over that one.

I explained I hadn’t dealt with the email but would by the end of this evening. She said she is looking forward to receiving it and then will be able to arrange my induction week and shadowing period. I’m shocked to say the least. End of phone call. Whoooops time to pick kids up.

Whilst in play ground I message a friend and tell her what’s happened. She doesn’t work as she’s a carer for her son, he has autism / asperges. She quickly said dont panic about childcare ill have Lexie for you!!! OMG !!! We’ve known each other six years and she’s my boys godmother so no issues leaving Lexie with her. I just can not believe its going this quick!! 2 out of 4 sorted!!!

So the kids being picked up…. Kayleigh is 15 and has often walked from her school picked the boys up and bought them home. I spoke to her to see how she would feel about doing this for three days every other week (I would have one day of during the week and chris is home in time for school runs every other week) she quickly said yes that’s fine. I would be finishing within a hour of them finishing school anyways so ultimately she would only be at home with them around 25mins ish!

The final one , me not working for 8years well hubby and I have discussed it and yes financially it would be an advantage of course it would! And chris will back me 110% with what ever I decide to do. So I’ve decided to just go for it…. If in a week/month/year I decide I can’t / don’t want to work any more then I simply won’t. πŸ˜‰

So tonight will be spent filling in forms and sending email!!! Eeeekkkkk !!! Excited and nervous at the same time!!!

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